Are You Ready For Some Football…

Did you know Superbowl Sunday is the second largest food consumption day of the year after Thanksgiving? The average American will consume 1200 calories from snacking alone while watching the big game! Whether you’re actually going for the football or just to hang with your friends, chances are you have a party to go to! {Read More}

TheFittChick Gets The Skinny On Chinese Food…

Who doesn’t love Chinese food? It is definitely a Sunday staple in our house, and has been since I was little. However, some of us are under the wrong impression that most of the food served in Chinese restaurants are healthy, since there are generous amounts of veggies used to make them. “Traditional Chinese food {Read More}

TheFittChick Weighs In On Artificial Sweeteners…

There is a constant debate about whether or not you should be using artificial sweeteners, and what the best sugar substitute is. Nearly two-thirds of Americans are concerned about the safety of artificial sweeteners such as Splenda, Sweet n’ low, Equal, Stevia and Truvia. Given the current obesity and diabetes epidemic- which are showing no {Read More}

Alcohol And Diets…Do They Mix?

“The weekend is here, and the first thing you might be looking forward to is a few cocktails. The problem is, alcoholic drinks can be extremely fattening, especially mixed drinks which contain tons of empty calories which can be detrimental to a diet. Although you don’t need to completely cut out alcohol from your diet, {Read More}

TheFittChick helps you figure out why movie theater popcorn could be one of the worst thing you could eat!

“Would you scarf down three quarter pounders and 12 pats of butter in one sitting while watching the latest release at the movies? That’s what a new report says you’re getting in terms of fat and calories with a medium tub of movie theater popcorn, and that’s before they pour on the buttery topping.” “I {Read More}

Can Taking Fish Oil Help Jumpstart Your Metabolism?

“We have all heard the headlines that fish oil is one of the most amazing nutritional supplements you can add to your vitamin routine. What many people are wondering is does fish oil help you lose weight?” “Fish oil helps to increase your metabolism. Your body needs Omega 3 fatty acids to give the signal {Read More}

TheFittChick helps you Party-Proof Your Diet…

Just because you’re losing weight and maintaining a healthy diet doesn’t mean that the rest of the world is doing the same, and that’s where you can run into trouble. The whole month of December will test your willpower with company holiday parties, gift baskets, and the constant spread of Christmas cookies. Losing weight should {Read More}

Skinny Travels Part 2 from TheFittChick…

“No matter where you are headed, finding healthy food on the road can be a challenge. Bringing healthy, tasty, and portable snacks with you on your next trip can ensure that you always have healthy food on hand.” I just finished packing up all this yummy food and am off to the post office! Being {Read More}

Skinny Travels from TheFittchick…

When you take a trip, does your diet go on vacation, too? Sticking to your healthy lifestyle on vacation isn’t exactly easy. It seems temptation is around every corner and it’s tough to do the “work” weight loss requires when all you really want to do is rest and relax! 10 Tips to help stay {Read More}

Eating Breakfast Could Be Your Diet’s Secret Weapon!

Think you’ll skip breakfast this morning so you can splurge on lunch and dinner later and avoid some weight gain? Not so fast. “Eating a good breakfast does more than cut the risk of binging later on-it revs up your metabolism, provides energy for your body and brain, and is a key strategy for weight {Read More}

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