Diet Derailed? How to Get Back on Track After a Vacation!

Post Spring Break Motivation!

So many of you are just getting back from a Spring getaway. Staying healthy on vacation isn’t always easy, and getting back into a routine after a trip can sometimes be rough. Today is a new day, and the perfect opportunity to get serious and start seeing results!  NO More Excuses! The kids are back {Read More}

Let the First Day of Spring Motivate You to Get Fit for Summer!

first day of spring

No one has seen you without a puffy coat or a big comfy sweater on for the past several months, and that’s probably a good thing. Between holiday eating and the cold weather, most people haven’t had much incentive to stick with their typical healthy eating. With the first day of spring warm weather is just around {Read More}

Get Started on a Healthy 2017 NOW!

motivational quote 2

Can you believe that in just eight short weeks the holidays will already be here? It’s hard to imagine winter vacation is a short 2 months away, which means New Year Resolutions are already in the works. Now is the time to get in gear and get ahead of weight loss resolutions. Since many of you have asked {Read More}

The ONLY Weight Loss Program You Need This Summer!

monday motivation

YOU’VE GOT WHAT IT TAKES, BUT IT WILL TAKE EVERYTHING YOU’VE GOT!   Monday is a great day to press the reset button! I woke up today after a long weekend away thinking we are already more than half way through 2016! It is amazing the number of people who make weight loss New Year’s resolutions; somewhere between {Read More}

The Countdown Begins; Only 8 Weeks Till Summer!

MOnday Motivation for Summer

“THE GREATEST AMOUNT OF WASTED TIME, IS THE TIME NOT GETTING STARTED!”   With only 8 Weeks till the first day of Summer, it’s time to buckle down and get ready for bathing suit season!   When it comes to health and wellness, it’s the little things that can really add up to make a big difference. And {Read More}

Easter is over. Throw Away the Junk. Especially the guilt!

easter motivation

“NEVER LET A STUMBLE IN THE ROAD BE THE END OF THE JOURNEY!”   Holiday’s are never easy, especially one that revolves around chocolate.  Hopefully you took a few of my Easter tips and enjoyed your Cadbury eggs and jelly beans in moderation. TODAY IS A NEW DAY!  Even if yesterday didn’t go as well as you {Read More}

Inspiration to See Weight Loss Results in 2016!

Motivation and Inspiration 2016

“LET TODAY BE THE START OF SOMETHING NEW”   2016 is all about finding BALANCE in your healthy lifestyle! As the new year is already underway, we have all set health, fitness and nutrition goals. BUT don’t start another diet! Don’t eliminate your favorite foods or food groups and deprive yourself! Don’t spend hours in the {Read More}

Making Your 2016 New Years Resolution Stick!

New Years Resolution

With the start of the New Year, tons of people are excited and ready to finally make a change. Motivation is a great feeling that can put you on the right path for success.   Unfortunately, as of this week, the last traces of willpower are fading fast. ONLY 9-14 DAYS into the New Year and 71% of {Read More}

How to Eat Healthy at Your Next Holiday Party!

Party Proof Your Holiday Season!

The next of couple weeks will probably be filled with social events surrounding the holidays. Just because you’re losing weight and maintaining a healthy diet doesn’t mean that the rest of the world is doing the same, and that’s where you can run into trouble. The whole month of December will test your will-power with company {Read More}

Make December a Healthy Holiday Season!

December Motivation

“YOU HAVE ONE MONTH TO FINISH THE BOOK OF 2015. MAKE THE LAST CHAPTER A GREAT ONE!”   So many of you are just getting back from a long weekend away or starting fresh after a few to many Thanksgiving treats. Staying healthy over the holidays isn’t easy, and getting back into a routine after a few {Read More}

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