Eat Cake and Lose Weight!


Who doesn’t want to be on a weight loss plan where you can load up on cookies, brownies, and cake AND STILL LOSE WEIGHT? I just devoured this amazing high protein/low calorie PB&J snack cake! For this recipe and more just like it, check out TheFittChick 2nd eBook HERE! ~Eat Yourself Skinny~

Super Bowl Sunday Sweet Tooth!


QUEST BAR COOKIE DOUGH CAKE POPS!!!!!! In under 30 minutes you can be the star of your Super Bowl party! I can’t to wait dig in to these amazing protein filled treats! ~Eat Yourself Skinny~ TheFittChick Quest Bar Cake Pops… Ingredients: -3 or 4 Quest Bars (I used Cookie Dough, Cookies and Cream, and Chocolate {Read More}

What’s for Breakfast?


VANILLA PROTEIN PANCAKES WITH RASPBERRY FROSTING Just made TheFittChick™ vanilla protein pancakes for breakfast. This is one of 20 simple and clean recipes in my 2nd eBook. If you are looking for new recipes to start the year off right, download this recipe and 19 more HERE! ~Eat Yourself Skinny~

Simple Swap From TheFittChick…


INSTEAD OF WHITE POTATOES, TRY SWEET POTATOES! “Baked, roasted, or mashed, sweet potatoes offer all the comfort-food satisfaction of white potatoes — but with much more nutrition. One medium sweet potato delivers more than a day’s worth of vitamin A (in the form of beta-carotene), plus 57 percent more fiber and 55 percent more vitamin {Read More}

Sunday Morning Sweet Tooth!


I love any recipe that is full of protein, gluten-free, sugar-free, and tastes amazing!  Even more of a bonus is when my kids love it and keep asking for more! You may not choose to eat this much, but my serving was a quarter of the bread pan I made it in.  It came in {Read More}

What’s For Breakfast?


3 Ingredient Protein Waffles from TheFittChick! Eating breakfast is so important for anyone trying to live a healthy lifestyle.  “Maintaining a good metabolism is an important part of long term weight loss. After a night without eating, your body is in a mild fasting state, as it would be if no food was available. If {Read More}

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!


Who doesn’t love a recipe that is fast, simple, and great for an entire family! This chicken recipe is kid-friendly, gluten-free, and low-cal. And the best part is the prep time is under 10 minutes for a dinner that looks like it took hours to prepare! Find out how to make this quick and healthy {Read More}



Afternoon Snack Time From TheFittChick™… What could be better on a cool fall afternoon then warm donuts? These turned out exactly how I wanted…moist, sweet, and full of protein! Mix together… – 1 egg – 2 TBSP unsweetened applesauce – 1/3 cup pureed pumpkin – 1/3 cup 0% Greek yogurt – ¼ cup unsweetened almond {Read More}

Pumpkin Protein Pudding…Yes Please!


I have been baking everything with pumpkin since the temperature dropped.  This weeks best creation was Maple Cinnamon Pumpkin Pudding!  I hope you love it as much as me! TheFittChick™ Protein Pumpkin Pudding… Ingredients: -        ½ cup pumpkin puree (or sweet potato puree) -        ½ scoop vanilla whey protein powder -        ½ cup unsweetened almond {Read More}

TheFittChick™ Gets The Skinny On Green Veggies and Weight Loss…


Are you having a hard time getting in your green veggies?  Unfortunately most people don’t eat enough vegetables, which is the secret to getting a lean body without drastically changing your lifestyle. Vegetables are so effective for fat loss because they provide “bulk” to your diet without adding very many extra calories.  By loading up {Read More}

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