Healthy Passover Survivial Guide!

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Passover is fast approaching and with that comes the thoughts of how to enjoy your holiday without packing on the pounds.  If your family is anything like mine, the food will be the center of attention and anything but healthy!  Don’t Worry!  It is definitely possible to celebrate Passover without sabotaging all your weight loss {Read More}

Chocolate Coconut Protein Macaroons!

Chocolate Coconut Protein Macaroons

I think I have hit the jackpot with this one!  This might be one of my favorite recipes I have made in a long time!  Not only are these moist, decadent, and satisfying, but they are filled with healthy fats and loaded with protein!  The best part is that my kids loved them! I hope {Read More}

Sweet Potato Protein Waffles!!!


BREAKFAST NEVER TASTED SO GOOD! Thank goodness I only made 2 waffles because these were so good I could have kept eating until I felt sick!  Not only are these delicious, but they were thick and filling as well.  This will probably end up being my staple breakfast for the next couple of weeks!  This {Read More}

Monday Motivation!


LET TODAY BE THE START OF SOMETHING NEW! Click HERE for information about TheFittChick plan! Eat Yourself Skinny!

How many calories did I burn mountain climbing?


Wow!  This workout was a total killer!  My aunt is a powerhouse when it comes to exercise (and yes she is 55 and didn’t even get winded during out 80 minute excursion) so it was no surprise that she loves hiking. This wasn’t just any hike though.  We hiked straight up the mountain.  The most {Read More}

Rowing for Weight Loss!


Is the rowing machine a good choice when you want to shed some extra pounds?  When it comes to losing weight, we all know that combining healthy food habits with regular exercise is the way to go.  Working on the rowing machine is just one of many ways you can go when it comes to {Read More}

Tuesday Transformation!


For the past 6 months Marissa has made getting healthy and working out a priority in her life.  She has been dedicated to trying new workouts and finding one she loves.  She recently has made Pure Barre a huge part of her workout routine and has seen fantastic results. Just out of college, working her {Read More}

Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day by Breaking a Sweat!


This 30 minute fat-blasting treadmill workout will easily work off any green bagels or corned beef you decide to indulge in today! Enjoy the day without gaining a pound! Live Fitt! Be Fitt!

Monday Motivation!


BE STRONGER THAN YOUR STRONGEST EXCUSE! If you are ready to eat more and weigh less, check out my services HERE! Eat Yourself Skinny!

Could CLA be the magic pill you’ve been looking for?


Everyday someone asks me if there is anything they can do to target fat loss in certain body parts, more specifically their stomach. While its pretty hard to get away from the body type we were given, there are a few things we can do to help. As a nutrition consultant I always advocate a {Read More}

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