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Moving Day! Announcing My New Location!

“Sometimes Good Things Fall Apart So That GREAT Things Can Fall Together”   With the new year comes some exciting changes for TheFittChick​! I am so excited to finally announce that I am teaming up and moving in with the F.I.T. Boutique!   F.I.T. Boutique is a personal training studio in downtown Deerfield! Their balanced {Read More}

Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day by Breaking a Sweat!

This 30 minute fat-blasting treadmill workout will easily work off any green bagels or corned beef you decide to indulge in today! Enjoy the day without gaining a pound! Live Fitt! Be Fitt!

Winter Weather Workout!

BECAUSE SUMMER BODIES ARE MADE IN THE WINTER! As important as it is to plan and schedule your workouts, sometimes life happens! If can’t get where you need to be when you need to be there, sometimes switching up your workout may be just the thing you need to jump start your metabolism. The key {Read More}

“Fitt” Friday from TheFittChick™…

RUN OFF THE HOLIDAY POUNDS! While most would say there is nothing quite like running outdoors, winter weather sometimes makes it impossible. With the holidays behind you, and spring just around the corner, there is always the trusty treadmill. Whether you are a beginner runner or have a few marathons under your belt, this is {Read More}

Get Sweaty Saturday From TheFittChick!


Tuesday Testimonial…

For the past year Judy has made eating healthy and working out a priority in her life. She has been dedicated to her fitness routine and nutrition plan. She is such an inspiration to those following her journey, and she continues to motivate others with her continued determination. In the past year she has lost {Read More}

Morning Motivation!

What are you doing today to workout? Live Fitt!…Be Fitt!

“Fitt” Friday From TheFittChick™…

Quality is more important than quantity when it comes to working out. It is better to do shorter, more intense workouts than longer ineffective ones. Try this high intensity workout next time you need to workout at home, on vacation, or on-the-go. LiveFitt!…BeFitt!

Monday Motivation From TheFittChick™…

A YEAR FROM NOW, YOU WILL WISH YOU HAD STARTED TODAY! http://thefittchick.com/services/ Eat Yourself Skinny!

Tweak of the Week…EAT POST WORKOUT!

“Guess what? Recovery time from physical exertion can be cut drastically by consuming nutrient rich foods (especially fruit carbohydrates and protein shakes) within one hour of exercise to replace glycogen in the muscle tissue. If replacement is delayed, full recovery may take up to 2 days. To maximize recovery times, plan to snack within one {Read More}

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