Tuesday Transformation!

Tuesday Transformation!

Can you say INSPIRING? This new mom got motivated and started on TheFittChick plan just weeks after giving birth.

After years of ordering in and dining out, Michelle learned how to eat at restaurants and still lose weight. Being one lucky girl, her amazing husband helped prepare her a healthy breakfast, packed her a homemade lunch, and added snacks to make it easy for her to make it through her long work day!

In the past 9 months, Michelle has lost 30 pounds and over 12 inches. With a new baby, very little sleep, and a full-time job, she made her health a priority and saw amazing results. She didn’t let excuses stop her from having success!

Let Michelle’s story inspire you to get healthy today! Click HERE to see more information on TheFittChick plan. And for more motivational stories and transformations click HERE!

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