Why You Need to Incorporate Renegade Rows into Your Fitness Routine!

The Renegade Row is one of the hardest but most effective ab exercises you can do because it requires a lot of stabilization. You’re forced to keep your muscles rigid in order to maintain balance. In addition to the core muscles, this exercise also fires up the middle back muscles, as well as the chest, triceps and biceps. This is definitely an exercise designed to improve your strength!


Renegade Rows are a total body exercise that will kick your butt, but also help to improve your body’s stabilization and overall strength. Because Renegade Rows not only work your abdominal muscles but also your back muscles, this is a great exercise for improving posture as well as toning the whole body.


In today’s world, with our laptops and smartphones, we are constantly in vulnerable positions for bad posture. Our backs really take a hit! Renegade Rows are a great way to help strengthen the back muscles, which are also vital muscles for functional core strength!


I try to incorporate renegade rows at least once a week into my back days! Not only does it ramp up my heart rate, but I love an exercise move that can hit almost every muscle! Try doing 30 seconds on and 30 seconds off for 5 minutes. My goal this year is to work up to one minute on and one minute off by summer! Who’s in? 💪💪💪