50 Calorie Frozen Yogurt!

50 Calorie Frozen Yogurt

FittCity North Shore – You Can Eat Out!

Everyone craves a cold frozen treat on a hot summer day, and Love’s frozen yogurt is a diet-friendly way to satisfy your sweet tooth without packing on the pounds! Their yogurt contains only pure, fresh ingredients made with pasteurized skim milk.

A small sugar-free frozen yogurt contains just 50 calories! You can keep it plain and simple or mix it up with healthy toppings like fresh fruit or nuts. They even carry a sugar-free hot fudge that has all the flavor you love without the loaded fat and sugar.

Love’s has been a long-time North Shore favorite since 1988. The yogurt, voted the best in Chicagoland, is the perfect low-cal treat for anyone looking for a little guilt-free indulgence.


Sugar-Free Frozen Yogurt

Serving Size: small (5 oz)

50 Calories                  0g Fat              15g Carbs        5g Protein


Sugar-Free Hot Fudge

Serving Size: one serving (2 TBSP)

110 Calories                0g Fat              0g Carbs          0g Protein


Fat-Free Frozen Yogurt

Serving Size: small (5 oz)

100 Calories                0g Fat              20g Carbs        5g Protein


Located in downtown Highland Park, this is one yogurt shop where YOU CAN EAT OUT!

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loves logo

585 Elm Place

Highland Park, IL 60035


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