TheFittChick weighs in on healthy snacks for “Fitt” kids before and after the game!

“It’s a familiar scenario – your child just came home from school and you have 10 minutes to get them changed, fed and to sports practice. While you rush your son or daughter to his/her room to change, he is simultaneously screaming that he can’t find his cleats and that he’s hungry. As you rush {Read More}

“Fitt” Find From TheFittChick…

Check out these all natural chicken burgers from Bell & Evans! They taste amazing and everyone in your family will love them! Each 4 oz burger has 160 calories, 6g fat, 3g carbs, and 21g protein. If you are short on time or didn’t have time to get to the store, these are a great {Read More}

TheFittChick Gets The Skinny On Chinese Food…

Who doesn’t love Chinese food? It is definitely a Sunday staple in our house, and has been since I was little. However, some of us are under the wrong impression that most of the food served in Chinese restaurants are healthy, since there are generous amounts of veggies used to make them. “Traditional Chinese food {Read More}

Eating Breakfast Could Be Your Diet’s Secret Weapon!

Think you’ll skip breakfast this morning so you can splurge on lunch and dinner later and avoid some weight gain? Not so fast. “Eating a good breakfast does more than cut the risk of binging later on-it revs up your metabolism, provides energy for your body and brain, and is a key strategy for weight {Read More}

Are You Snacking Smart?

“Fitt” Tip of the Day!   “So you are trying to change how you eat and looking to lose weight, and one way to keep you on a path of good nutrition and weight loss is to eat protein at every meal.”   “It is said that protein is more satisfying than carbohydrates or fats, {Read More}

Can I Really eat a Sandwich at Subway?

“Fitt” foods from TheFittChick… Subway is really trying to set itself apart from other fast food options by offering healthier options. The trouble is, most people are still getting way to many carbohydrates and not enough protein with each visit to Subway. Their healthiest sandwich is the turkey on wheat. This sandwich has 46 grams {Read More}

“Fitt” finds from TheFittChick…

HOW MANY THINGS CAN YOU DO WITH GREEK YOGURT? You will never open my fridge and not be able to find Oikos Greek Yogurt. I have discovered that I can use it in every meal of the day if I wanted to. Whether is pancakes, Tzatziki, twice baked potatoes, salad dressing, dips…It’s the perfect way {Read More}

Are you eating the right foods before and after your workout?

Did you know the meals you eat before and after a workout are the most important meals of the day for anyone who cares about nutrition or wants to build muscle, lose fat or improve their body? Not eating properly is one of the biggest reasons why most people sabotage their weight loss efforts! Many {Read More}

TheFittChick helps you Skinny your Sushi!!

A lifestyle that includes healthy eating does not mean that you have to give up going to restaurants!! If you love sushi, just be aware some options are better than others. The calories and fat in sushi start rising depending on how it’s prepared. Here are some FittChick tips to keep you on the right {Read More}

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