“Fitt” Find From TheFittChick™…


Hummus is a great snack that offers protein, heart-healthy fats, and dietary fiber. Plus, it’s low on the Gylcemic Index, which means it causes less of a spike in blood sugar levels.

For those looking to lose or maintain their weight, you have to be careful with mindless dipping. Two tablespoons of hummus will usually have anywhere from 50 to 80 calories. One serving can make a healthy snack, but without measuring it can easily add up to 300 calories. Not to mention, because hummus is considered healthy, eating the entire 700 calorie container (without realizing it was 700 calories) isn’t unheard of.

To avoid the hummus trap, portion control is the key. Try measuring out one serving, and use veggies for dipping in place of pretzels and chips. Oasis Hommus tastes amazing and only has 18 calories per 2 Tablespoons. Try adding it to your sandwich or pairing it with veggies for a perfect mid-day meal. This is one “fitt” find you won’t want to miss!

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