Somaderm Gel: The ONLY Weight Loss, Anti-Aging Product THAT WORKS!

Are you… Tired of being tired? Struggling with losing weight? Suffering from thinning or losing hair? Not sleeping as well as you need? Having more trouble with joint or muscle pain? Sick of the 3 pm slump? INTRODUCING the world’s first FDA registered topical homeopathic Human Growth Hormone!   I cannot believe the results my {Read More}

Get the Skinny on Paleo Wraps (product review and giveaway)!

My latest “Fitt Find” has become my current obsession. Julian Bakery’s Paleo Wraps has open the doors to so many new ideas, and has just made every one of my meals better! I look at them every morning and think what new recipe I can create. They are 100% paleo and made completely from coconut in {Read More}

The Perfect Healthy Snack from Enlightened; Review and Giveaway!

I always feel like a kid in a candy store when I find a new health food to just hit the market. This new discovery was even better because they came to me to test out this new FittChick “approved” snack! Enlightened is a company committed to creating foods that are “better-for-you”, and taste delicious at {Read More}

Best Ready To Drink Protein Shake On the Market!

New health food products may seem like they are a dime a dozen, but great ones are actually few and far between. As a wellness consultant helping thousands of people live a healthy lifestyle, I have extremely high standards for what I consider a FittChick “approved” item. I recently came across this ready-to-drink organic protein shake {Read More}

The Best New Vanilla Flavored Protein Powder

Vanilla flavored protein powders that actually taste great are few and far between. Quest Nutrition’s new Vanilla Milkshake flavored protein powder not only tastes amazing and bakes fantastic, but it actually makes all my healthy recipes EVEN BETTER! I only post about products (I call my “Fitt Finds“) I absolutely love, and use in my {Read More}

A Cracker That Will Actually Burn Fat!

I am so excited to share my newest “Fitt Find”. I came across these flaxseed crackers on-line, ordered them, and hoped for the best. Not only do they satisfy that crunchy craving that so many of my clients crave, but they taste absolutely amazing. I have talked before about how flaxseeds can help speed up {Read More}

The Best Water Bottle for Your Workout!

Who doesn’t love a great water bottle? Sipping water before, during, and post-workout is vital to your performance as well as your overall health! As someone who always advocates for drinking half your body weight in ounces of water per day, my water bottle can make or break my daily goal of one gallon.   {Read More}

Best Fitness App That Actually Gets Results!

With the holiday season usually comes some sort of travel. Whether it’s a weekend getaway to the next town over or a two-week adventure, your normal routine can get completely thrown out the window.   If you typically work out in a gym, you may be somewhere without access to any equipment. If running is {Read More}

Quest Protein Chips Review and Giveaway!

Quest Nutrition just introduced the world’s first high-protein potato chip. This product is just to good to be true! I love being the guinea pig when it comes to trying out new healthy foods. Because I love anything Quest, I personally ate 12 bags of these chips just to make sure I was giving an {Read More}

Great New Product to Fuel Your Active Kids!

It seems everyone, including kids, are on-the-go these days. Stuck in traffic, at school, driving to activities, and rarely enough time to get the high-quality protein they need. Protein is crucial for children in order to promote growth and sustain their energy. Diets high in protein also help to maintain a healthy brain function and {Read More}

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