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Bulletproof Coffee

Bulletproof Coffee has become a social media sensation that people are talking about, trying, and claiming it works wonders. If you have friends who are serious about their Paleo diet, doing CrossFit or living low-carb, chances are, you’ve heard all about their new favorite go-to breakfast called Bulleproof Coffee. But what is this magical concoction and do the results match the hype?


Bulletproof coffee is actually a combination of coffee, grass-fed butter, and MCT oil. Separately these ingredients don’t exactly seem like a delicious coffee drink, but together they create an energy-igniting drink that fitness fanatics cannot get enough of. Fans of this breakfast drink credit this high-fat, calorie-dense breakfast replacement with increased mental clarity, sustainable energy levels, and major weight-loss results.


So, how does it work? The MCT oil is beneficial for weight loss since it is metabolized very quickly in the liver, where it is burned as fuel rather than stored as fat. The high omega-3 count in the grass-fed butter has anti-inflammatory properties, which may improve intestinal health. This cup of coffee definitely healthier than your current breakfast, and it has the calories to match (think meal replacement). Everyone is always looking for a fast and filling breakfast that is not only full of nutrients, but will keep them full till lunch. 200-500 calories can seem like a lot for breakfast, but most blended coffee drinks end up with similar amounts of calories and still leave you still hungry, are loaded with sugar, and typically end up being paired with something else to eat.


If you want to try your own blend of Bulletproof coffee, you will only need 3 simple ingredients. Follow this recipe for a creamy cup of coffee that tastes great, fuels your entire day, and has tons of additional health benefits.


TheFittChick Version of Bulletproof Coffee



–       1 cup brewed coffee

–       1-2 TBSP unsalted grass-fed butter

–       1-2 TBSP coconut oil or MCT oil

–       Stevia to taste (optional but I love everything sweet!)



  1. Brew up a high quality coffee (french press works best but I use my keurig cups)
  2. Pour the hot coffee on top of the MCT oil and butter in a blender.
  3. Blend well.
  4. Add Stevia if desired.
  5. Enjoy every sip!


**If this is your first time trying Bulletproof coffee, I would start with ½ TBSP MCT oil and 1/2 TBSP butter, and build up to the original recipe of 2 TBSP of each**



So there you have it! A meal replacement drink that can help you lose weight, build muscle, provide energy, and help with mental focus. What more could you want from your breakfast? Have you tried Bulletproof Coffee yet?



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