Inspiring Weight Loss Transformation

Tuesday Transformation-Lauren

After a year of graduate school, long hours of classes and even longer hours of late night studying, Lauren had some unwanted weight she wanted to get rid of. Even though she consistently exercised and thought she was making healthy choices, she couldn’t seem to take off the extra pounds.



With the school year coming to an end and summer just a few months away, it was the perfect time for her to focus on her weight loss, fix her nutrition, and see results. Because she was already hitting the gym almost daily, she knew her diet must need some adjusting. After just 3 months on TheFittChick plan, Lauren was able to drop 7 pounds and 7 ½ inches! Her hard work in the gym had paid off because as the fat melted off, her fit and toned body finally showed through!



Lauren is thrilled with her results, and has been able to easily maintain her weight loss. She knows that daily support is only a text or email away because TheFittchick plan is built upon constant communication. She says, “As someone who is a foodie and enjoys dessert, this plan let me have dessert EVERY NIGHT! I love to cook and bake, and with all of Jillian’s yummy recipes, I never felt deprived. It was easy to stay on track when traveling, eating out, and during busy weeks of graduate school.”



Lauren’s story is an inspiration to all college students struggling to lose weight! She never let her busy life stop her from seeing the results she was looking for. Even with a jam-packed social life, summer school classes, and long vacations away from home, she knew how to satisfy every craving that came her way.



Let Lauren’s inspiring story motivate you to get started TODAY! If you are ready to EAT MORE & WEIGH LESS, check out TheFittChick plan HERE!



Eat Yourself Skinny!



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