Inspiring Weight Loss Transformation

Tuesday Transformation

As men get older, they tend to start gaining weight, especially around the midsection. An increase of fat storage, loss of muscle tone, and a slower metabolism are just a few of the factors that lead to these unwanted pounds.

Ron was drinking kale and spinach smoothies for breakfast and making what he thought were smart choices throughout the day. Along with a healthy diet, he worked with a trainer 2 times per week, went on long bike rides, and played paddle and tennis. But even with an active lifestyle, Ron wasn’t seeing the results he wanted.

Motivated to learn good eating habits and transform his body, Ron started TheFittChick plan just 4 months ago.   After just 16 weeks, he is down 15 pounds and 8 inches. Eating healthy does NOT have to mean small, boring meals.  Ron was able to travel, eat dessert, and socialize with friends all while dropping 1-2 pounds per week.

Not only has Ron not been this lean in over 12 years, he is building muscle and changing his body with personal training sessions at the F.I.T . Boutique. If you are ready to EAT MORE & WEIGH LESS, let Ron inspire you to get started TODAY!

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