Monday Motivation: Stay Healthy this Thanksgiving

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Thanksgiving week has arrived which means millions of dieters face a huge challenge in their weight loss goals. Avoiding Thanksgiving weight gain is a tricky task for those on a weight loss journey and even for those just trying to live a healthy life style. Deciding to lose weight is commendable, and the first step towards a long and healthy life. However, making sure you stick to it and not give into temptation is the tough part!

Emotions are one of the largest factors to affect your diet. People are known to binge eat while going through emotionally tough times like family get-togethers (AKA Thanksgiving), missing a loved one, or even just general stress. And what it comes down to then is the battle of diet vs. life. The key to being successful this week is taking pride in your healthy way of life, and not getting sidetracked by those who are not on track!

Whether Thanksgiving food is something you look forward to all year, or the type of food you could live without, remembering your goals and sticking with them will feel so much better then any piece of pie or pile of mashed potatoes. So, if you are feeling down or stressed out, treat your diet plan as a positive in your life and make sure that you stick to it. This way, you can help avoid unhealthy eating, feel great, and be thankful you had the willpower to ditch the excuses and see the results you want!


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