Post Baby Body Transformation!

Cindy's Tranformation!

I am so excited to share today’s transformation with you! I could not be more proud of Cindy’s hard work and dedication, and as a result, her story will touch and inspire so many others, especially new moms looking to see motivating results. Some clients have the will to accomplish amazing feats! Cindy is one of those clients! This mother of three (with a full-time job including constant travel) lost more than 11% body fat and gained close to a pound of muscle during her weight loss program. No matter what country or city she was in, she found a gym and made sure to get in her weekly workouts! Using the InBody we were able to see her exact body composition throughout her program to keep her constantly motivated. She is currently loving “class pass” which gives her thousands of class options in hundreds of cities. Cindy is the perfect example of making her eating and workouts a priority; motivating everyone around her to get fit and see results! Check out her story here…Access the largest network of fitness studios with ClassPassAccess the largest network of fitness studios with ClassPass

“After a lot of hard work and with TheFittChick program, I’ve lost 20 pounds and 16 inches! It took a long time…a year… but I’m glad my progress was slow and steady because I know I will keep the weight off. I’m a small person (I’m barely over 5 feet!) so 20 pounds makes quite a bit of difference. After three kids my body shape has understandably changed, but after losing 15% of my body weight and packing on more muscle, I feel healthy and strong!  While I won’t be getting into a bikini any time soon (hi, three kids) I am looking forward to feeling good in all the new clothes I had to buy (Cue tiny violin)! Thank you Jillian for guiding me through this process and helping me reframe from my love affair with carbs. I look forward to continuing to stay healthy and lean while staying hydrated and fueled up, while also enjoying my weekly cheats!”


Hectic schedules and full-time jobs (including kids) don’t have to get in the way of your weight loss goals. TheFittChick program can help you with a fail-proof plan that has helped hundreds of busy clients lose weight and keep it of. If you know anyone looking to jump start their summer weight loss journey, check out my plans HERE!


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