Sugar Free Chocolate

Sugar Free Chocolate


Why would anyone want to take the sugar out of chocolate? As much as sugar-free chocolate sounds like an oxymoron, there is a huge demand due in part because diabetes is one of the fastest growing chronic diseases in America. Also, those living a healthy lifestyle try and restrict their sugar intake due to the negative effects it has on your body. Sugar-free items do conjure up some negative feelings to some health professionals, but I’m not going to get into a philosophical debate about sugar vs. sugar-free. This is purely a review of this amazing chocolate replacement for those who are looking to satisfy their sweet tooth!

To create a sugar-free chocolate, most companies use maltitol, a sugar alcohol. This type of sugar replacer is helpful to people with diabetes because only a portion of it is digested and absorbed. For diabetics or others who are trying to restrict their carbohydrate or sugar intake, Simply Lite dark chocolate bars are a great option!

Simply Lite sugar-free, gluten-free dark chocolate bars tastes just like the real deal, with only 33 calories per square. It melts nicely for baking, tastes great in Greek yogurt, or satisfies that afternoon chocolate craving without the guilt!

I have only been able to find these bars in stores at Trader Joe’s or on-line HERE. If you are looking for a great sugar-free chocolate chip, HERE is a link to my “approved” grocery list. I hope you love this product as much as I do!

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