Tuesday Transformation!

Tuesday Transformation!



We all know there are loads of ways to GAIN weight in college – hence the ever-familiar Freshman Fifteen. There are also a lot of great tips out there on avoiding weight gain, but what if you are already dealing with those extra pounds? Taylor came home from her first year at college upset that the scale had crept up even though she thought she ate healthy and kept exercise a part of her daily life.


With the TheFittChick’s “Dorm Room Diet” and a regular fitness routine, Taylor was able to lose 7 inches in 8 weeks! She was also able to lose 10 pounds over the summer, all while eating out, socializing with her friends, and never feeling deprived. Her favorite milestone was feeling confident wearing a cropped shirt and short shorts that she never would have worn just 8 short weeks ago.

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By following a few simple rules and remembering a few key ideas, Taylor is an inspiration to all teenagers struggling to lose weight! She is now back on campus living a healthy lifestyle while enjoying the college life! Although living in a sorority house will be a new challenge for Taylor, she knows that 24/7 support is only a text or phone call away. TheFittChick plan is built upon constant communication, so we are talking non-stop about food options in and out of her sorority house. It’s never to late to start living the healthy life. Let Taylor inspire you to Eat Yourself Skinny!


For more inspiring transformations, click HERE!  And stayed tuned for Taylor’s new guest blog posts she is calling “Living the College Life the Healthy Way.”

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