TWEAK OF THE WEEK…Is your morning coffee to blame for those extra pounds you can’t seem to lose?


“Do you think about the number of calories you consume when you order your morning coffee drink? If you are trying to lose weight, you probably should. Some popular drinks from Starbucks and other popular spots contain up to 500 calories. If you add that to a breakfast meal, you could easily consume an entire day’s calories before you start your morning.”

“You don’t have to give up the trip to your favorite coffee spot just because you’re on a diet. If you love your morning java fix, keep it on the menu. But learn to order a low-calorie coffee drinks instead. The calories you eliminate by making just a few small changes could have a big impact when it’s time to step on the scale.”

TheFittChick uses SweetLeaf™ vanilla creme in my coffee every morning to make it taste like a latte without any calories. Another great sweetener is the Torani Sugar-free flavored syrups. If its the creaminess your looking for, remember that skim milk has 85 calories a cup, soy milk has 75-100 calories per cup, half and half has 315 calories per cup, and fat-free half and half has 142 calories per cup. How about unsweetened almond milk for only 40 calories a cup, or coffee-mate sugar-free french vanilla coffee creamer for 15 calories a TBSP.

Remember for every extra 100 calories you consume each day, is an extra 10 pounds at the end of the year. Most of the large coffee chains have nutrition information online. Looking up your favorite drink may be an eye-opener for you if you consider your coffee drink just that – a drink and not a meal! Try some of these tips to make your Morning Buzz FittChick “approved.”

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