Somaderm Gel: The ONLY Weight Loss, Anti-Aging Product THAT WORKS!

Are you… Tired of being tired? Struggling with losing weight? Suffering from thinning or losing hair? Not sleeping as well as you need? Having more trouble with joint or muscle pain? Sick of the 3 pm slump? INTRODUCING the world’s first FDA registered topical homeopathic Human Growth Hormone!   I cannot believe the results my {Read More}

Valentine’s Day Health Tips to Get Motivated and Stay Inspired!

Love it or hate it, Valentine’s Day is only days away and becomes another obstacle in our desire to stick with our New Year’s Intensions! First came the Super Bowl and now less than 2 weeks later is another holiday focused around food. Between the office candy dish, big boxes of chocolates, and romantic dinners, this holiday {Read More}

How To Look and Feel Your Best for Prom Night!

Prom is a special occasion that you will remember for the rest of your life, and the photos can live forever. So, naturally, you want to look your best for the big night! If this includes losing weight before prom, you still have 80 DAYS to shed some pounds and get your body fit and toned! {Read More}

A Weight Loss Transformation That Will Inspire Anyone!

I could not be more excited to reveal my first “Tuesday Transformation” of 2018. The first step to losing weight is deciding you want to make a change and get motivated to accomplish your goals. In the last two years Abby has been able to shed almost 50 pounds and more then 30 inches. She had a big goal, {Read More}

The Best Weight Loss Program for 2018!

“THE BEST PROJECT YOU WILL EVER WORK ON IS YOU!”   With the start of the new year, perhaps you have begun thinking about your goals and resolutions for 2018!   Let TheFittChick plan get you in the best shape of your life! Did you know that every client creates their own customized plan including all their favorite foods? {Read More}

Win a Giveaway from ProTings Protein Chips!

I LOVE finding new health foods for my clients and followers, and this new gem is one I am OBSESSED with! I almost can not keep them in my house! ProTings zesty nacho flavor seriously taste like Doritos. Last week I bought the family size bag and my hubby and I ate the entire thing! Whoops! {Read More}

8 Tips and Tricks for a Healthy Memorial Day!

Warm weather is for showing off that healthy body you have worked so hard to achieve all winter long. Don’t let let summer cookouts and holiday BBQs add inches to your waistline! The following 8 tips & tricks for healthy eating this Memorial Day will help you stay slim and feel great, while having the confidence to show your {Read More}

The Perfect Apres Ski Snack from Noosa Yoghurt!

Heading to the slopes for your winter getaway automatically makes your vacation a healthy one. After all, a day of skiing gets your heart pumping, works your muscles, torches calories, and boosts your mood. But horrendously unhealthy cafeteria food and endless après-ski treats can threaten your healthy vacation intensions, and make your little ones crabby {Read More}

5 Reasons to Add Yoga to Your Workout Routine!

If yoga isn’t a part of your regular gym routine, you don’t know what you’re missing! My personal resolution for 2016 was to get back into yoga, and I am proud to say I am completely hooked and seeing great results! A yoga class could be the missing piece to complete your fitness goals and make {Read More}

This 11 Week Transformation is an Inspirational ComeBack!

After years of being a high school lacrosse and football player, and being a club lacrosse player in college along with being on the race road and mountain bike team on the collegiate level; Judd continued his love of being active with consistent workouts that always involved some form of weight training for the last 18 {Read More}

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