Zero Calorie Noodles; Taste Tested and Reviewed

shirataki noodles

We’ve all been there; You are trying to lose weight, but pasta keeps tempting you at every meal. This zero calorie noodle is the perfect health food to satisfy your love of pasta without all the carbs and calories! These “Miracle Noodles”, are made from yam flour and absorb the flavors and juices of the meal you are preparing.


With zero guilt, you can enjoy huge plates of pasta that leave you satisfied and curb your cravings for this otherwise calorie filled food. This product is truly a dieters dream come true – to be able enjoy a delicious meal without gaining a pound!  To find these noodles and so many other FittChick “approved” foods, click HERE!


Eat Yourself Skinny!


~To prepare these noodles, ignore the directions on the package and follow these easy steps~


1. IGNORE the smell! Plug your nose or breathe from your mouth while you cut open the bag and immediately rinse them off.
2. I pour them into a colander and rinse for a few minutes.
3. In a heated skillet, add rinsed noodles and cook until they are dry.
4. Once the moisture has evaporated, season to your liking.
5. Add to any meal and enjoy! I love to top them with low-sugar marinara sauce and fresh Parmesan cheese, or add to stir frys.