An Inspirational Weight-Loss Success Story!

Betsy's Transformation

This is one “Tuesday Transformation” I have been so excited to share! In just 6 months Betsy has been able to shed 16 pounds and 13 inches! Using my InBody body composition machine we were able to see that she also was also able to get rid of 6% of her body fat without losing one ounce of muscle or water. She is an inspiration to anyone who wants to feel great living a healthy lifestyle!


With consistent weight training at myTRAINER, tracking her food, and weekly appointments for accountability, she was able to reach her goal and maintain it for the past 3 months. She made it through holidays, numerous getaways, and the constant stress and worry of being a caretaker to both her parents; always seeing the scale move in the right direction. By using her customized meal plan tailored just for her, cooking healthy home-made meals or even eating out, and never making excuses, she has completed her weight loss goal! Now she will continue weight lifting (along with her healthy eating) to gain muscle and lower her percentage of body fat EVEN MORE!


Betsy never let her busy life stop her from seeing the results she was looking for. She learned TheFittChick program and is maintaining her new way of life without looking back! Let Betsy’s weight loss journey inspire you to start your own motivating story TODAY! If you are ready to EAT MORE & WEIGH LESS, click HERE to schedule an appointment! And check out more before and after success stories HERE!


Are you ready to Eat Yourself Skinny?


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