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InBody Analysis The InBody analyzes your body composition in less than 30 seconds.  With its fast results and user-friendly results sheet, it is an invaluable tool for monitoring your health. The InBody results sheet provides a comprehensive assessment of your body composition including weight, lean body mass, total body mass, percentage of body fat, BMI, and BMR. Schedule an appointment today to get the most out of your diet and fitness plan…$55 per scan…$100 for 2 scans 

8 Week Jump Start on-line Challenge If you are ready to get healthy and make a change, this 8 week jump start plan might be just what you have been searching for.  For only $199.99 you will receive TheFittChick on-line plan, a grocery list, TheFittChick original recipe ebook, meal ideas, and 24/7 support through a Facebook Group and email…$199.99 (Another challenge will begin the week of August 21st)

Personal TrainingTheFittChicks™ clients have the option of training in various realms of fitness including general weight lifting, yoga, boot camp classes, body building, CrossFit, and much more.  We can also design a program that will fit your personal needs to keep you motivated and reach your goals…..Contact Jillian for pricing or check out F.I.T. Boutique for more info.

Nutrient analysis – Provide me with a detailed food log (including all beverages, snacks, portion sizes and brand names) and I will analyze your current diet. We will then schedule a session to review any nutrient deficiencies in your diet. We will discuss ways in which to correct those deficiencies as well as help you make healthier food choices….$150. I recommend adding an InBody Analysis to your meeting to get the most accurate and detailed consultation. This option would be $199.

60-Minute Consult– If your not looking for a customized meal plan, we can meet for a one hour consultation to help you revamp your current diet and teach you how to make healthier choices.  We will discuss your personal goals together and figure out the best way for you to reach those goals through small changes that you will easily be able to make. This may be just what you need if you are already at an ideal weight, but need healthy meal and snack ideas, or not looking for more than a one time consultation…$150


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