Struggling with your New Year’s Intentions? Don’t Give Up!

There is something so refreshing about January and the start of a new year! A blank slate means a chance to start thinking about fresh starts, turning over a new leaf and kicking off the New Year with great intensions. Motivation is a great feeling that can put you on the right path for life-long success.


Unfortunately, as of this week, the last traces of willpower are fading fast. ONLY 9-14 DAYS into the New Year and 71% of people are already throwing in the towel. New studies have shown that less than 25% of people actually stay committed to their resolutions after just 30 days, and only 8% accomplish them. Can you believe 2 weeks is the amount of time most people will put into their New Year’s resolutions? When your motivation is high, taking action is easy. Once it starts to dwindle down, is when things get really rough.


It’s no secret that most people never complete their New Year’s resolutions, so why do so many people fail every single year? It is pretty simple. Making a resolution is easy, maintaining your motivation is the hard part.


If most people never stick with their resolutions; maybe there is a better idea. Last year the idea started floating around to set an intension instead of a resolution. This way you won’t fail! You can’t fail! It is a way to say you are going to do your best to make changes without any guilt or failure! Don’t be part of the statistics! This year, set goals and intentions instead of resolutions!


Make sure you set an attainable intension with a plan in place to reach it. There are so many obstacles for losing motivation, so be prepared for when your motivation starts to weaken. Instead of changing your entire diet or fitness program all in one month, make small changes. This will help prevent you from looking for fast results in too little time. The real question really becomes, why do we keep looking for the “best” diet plan – you know, the one that will finally be the answer to every weight loss road block – without first addressing the real reason why you want to lose weight?


Don’t set yourself up for failure. The point of starting small is to introduce a new set of behaviors that will eventually become habits. Once your new actions become habits, your level of motivation will play a less significant role on whether or not you succeed. In other words, the main goal is making gradual changes that will become part of a healthy lifestyle.


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