This 11 Week Transformation is an Inspirational ComeBack!

Judd's Transformation!

After years of being a high school lacrosse and football player, and being a club lacrosse player in college along with being on the race road and mountain bike team on the collegiate level; Judd continued his love of being active with consistent workouts that always involved some form of weight training for the last 18 years. Up until 2013, he was in phenomenal shape and feeling great!

Judd 2011  Judd 2013

Then with one wrong move, his already weak back gave out and he spent the next year in physical therapy doing everything he could to avoid going under the knife. Unfortunately, he ended up with a back surgery in 2015 and has slowly been recovering. As of January 2016, he has been back at the gym at least 3 days a week (in the weight room) along with following a meal plan that anyone who has the drive can easily follow.


This before and after pic is Judd in his bulking phase, as he is trying to build muscle mass. During his 2 year hiatus from the gym, he lost a lot of his muscle. Fortunately, because everyone’s body has muscle memory, he was able to quickly see unbelievable results. I can’t wait to see what the next 3 months will bring. I know he is looking forward to bringing back his six-pack abs for summer!


Judd says….


“Real Results!, No Filters!” 
This is approximately eleven weeks of results from eating clean, and hitting the gym hard 3-5 days a week. I didn’t do a “cleanse”, or buy shakes and containers to measure my food. There was no miracle pill. All it takes is dedication, willpower and hard fucking work! If you want results you have to work for it! This begins with meal prepping and having good real food available for your body 24 hours a day. Second comes exercise and making that a routine in your life. You can see results like this working out 3 days a week with just a one hour a workout!!!! Yes that’s all the exercise it takes!

Stop buying crap supplements with false advertising claims!
• Stop shoving processed junk into your body!
• Start eating clean!
• Start living a healthy “Fitt” lifestyle!”


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You have to love a client who tells it like it is! Are you ready to Eat Yourself Skinny?


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