Taylor“It’s hard to go to college and not gain weight your freshman year. You live in an unfamiliar environment with every bag of chip at the tip of your fingers. Maybe it wasn’t just the unhealthy food that caught up to me, but it was not knowing what to eat and when to eat it. Jillian’s diet has not only changed my eating habits, but has changed the way I live. I now know when to eat, what to eat, and how much I’m supposed to eat. The Fitt Chick diet is more than just a “diet;” it is a way of life. No matter how much you say you can’t diet, or that it’s too big of a commitment, Jillian’s plan is no such effort. Her 24/7 assistance is like having a personal food guru that’s just a text away. Along with her nutritional knowledge, her personal training has completely transformed my body. I can’t thank Jillian enough for leading me down this wonderful path to confidence. Now I am “Living the College Life the Healthy way.”

Dana Glink“TheFittChick plan has completely changed my life! I have tried every different diet out there but could stick with one longer then 3 months. I have been working with TheFittChick for over a year and a half, and I have never feel like I’m on a diet. Jillian taught me how to take care of my body and make lifestyle changes. TheFittChick program allows me to live my life to the fullest while always staying on plan. I go on vacations, eat out with friends, and go to social events like everyone else. TheFittChick plan is full of creative and delicious foods that are good for my body, and it is customizable to anyone’s taste. I had asked for a nutritionist for a gift two summer’s ago, and I will always say TheFittChick is the best gift I ever got!”





“Working with Jillian is the best thing that’s ever happened to me in regards to how and what I eat. I’ve been on multiple diets such as Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, and Seattle Sutton. I was not able to maintain any level of commitment and ended up falling back into my bad food habits. The major reason in my opinion is because they are “diets.” Jillian’s program is not a “diet,” it’s a lifestyle. You don’t have to starve yourself (In fact it’s the opposite) and you can find tons of food that you already like. To me, this is key. If you like what you are eating, there is no reason to fall back into the bad habits. For the last 5 months I have taken everything Jillian has taught me and gotten myself to a place I haven’t been in over 10 years. I had hovered around 230-235 lbs for quite some time, and I lost almost 25 lbs in my first 7 weeks. I’ve maintained a weight of 200 lbs for the last 3 months and I’ve never felt better. Try all the diets you want, but you will most likely have the same issues I’ve had. Work with TheFittChick and you will learn all the essentials you need to lose the weight and keep it off for good.

Thank you Jillian, you rock!!”


Michelle Kohl“I stared working with Jillian in January 2015 because I wanted to improve my health and diet, as well as the quality of the meals and snacks I was providing for my husband and three children.  I was eating way too much sugar, I was tired all of the time, and I wasn’t able to effectively plan ahead to provide healthy meals or snacks for my family.  Jillian and I spent the first few weeks building a meal plan that would work for all five of us.  She educated me on when to eat certain foods, and she helped me with grocery lists and menus.  I immediately started to feel better on TheFittChick plan!  My husband and my kids responded very well also.  They quickly started learning about the importance of proteins, carbs, and fats, and they even started asking me what protein they were having at each meal!  We have actually had fun with this process!  I now feel so much better about my ability to plan healthy meals and choose healthy choices every day for my entire family.  After three months of working with Jillian, I lost 7 pounds and 9 inches!  I was never even concerned about the weight, but rather I wanted to start eating clean food and providing healthy meals for my family.  We accomplished all of those goals and I have never felt better in my entire life!  My kids are eating healthier meals, I am able to effectively plan our meals for the week, and we have all received such a wonderful education about health and nutrition. Working with Jillian for the past three months was one of the best decisions I have ever made.  I am so grateful for her education and her ability to help the five of us become a “Fitt” Family!”


Tuesday Testimonial“369 days ago I went to meet Jillian. Teaching yoga 6 days a week, being active, and eating what I thought was healthy; I could not shed my 10-15 unwanted pounds. I followed her plan of action religiously, took her advice, welcomed her encouragement, and slowly the transformation unfolded. One year later, I am down nearly 32 pounds, 18 inches, and living my life as a lean, strong healthy chick! I still eat 80% clean according to her plan. Have added in strength training (she is also an amazing personal trainer!), and I am still continuing to see remarkable changes in my body- leaner legs, toned arms, flat tummy…..all stemming from her “eat yourself skinny” plan. Trust my story- it works!! It’s not a diet- it’s a way of life, completely sustainable whatever lifestyle you lead. Thank you Jill for getting me back on track to the life I was meant to lead- healthy, happy, and a fabulously Fitt-Chick in my forties!”


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I have started and stopped many diets throughout my life.  Jillian’s weight loss plan is the only one that I have come across that truly allows you to eat large portions and still lose weight.  I have learned to make good desicions in choosing foods, and have even learned to cook some easy and amazing food alternatives.  Jillian is always there to answer my food related questions, and has been such a positive force in my weight loss journey!
photo 2In the fall of last year I turned 40 and made a decision to start getting healthy.  I first started by focusing on working out 2-3 days per week.  I didn’t change anything about my diet, didn’t track food, just worked out.  I realized I would need to tackle one behavior at a time to change my bad habits.  At the end of December I started to think that it may be time to take the next step and focus on my eating habits.  So right around New Year’s Day I signed up to have 12 weeks of meetings with Jillian.  We spoke at first and I gave her a little bit of info and we met the following week.  I didn’t have a goal weight in mind at all; I wanted to focus on getting healthy and not just a number.  I was concerned if I didn’t hit the number I would become discouraged and give up.  Jillian understood my thinking, but decided to put a number down to aspire to.  It wasn’t anything set in stone, but more for her paperwork.  Also, I am a pretty picky eater and Jillian worked with that and encouraged me to try new things but to eat the foods I enjoy.  I started on the FittChick plan and that first week lost almost 5 pounds.  The weight continued to come off.  There was a week or two where I maintained; but with Jillian’s support I kept going.  At first I was overwhelmed with preparing meals and what to make.  Jillian gave me great suggestions and I looked at the meals I already made then adjusted them accordingly.  After meeting with Jillian for 12 weeks I was down over 35 pounds and lost more than 19 inches.  We no longer have scheduled meetings buy have checked in with each other occasionally.  She remembered I was going on vacation and wanted to see how I did.  Recently when I passed that goal weight she wrote down at our first meeting, she was the first person I contacted to give the news.  She was thrilled for me.  I continue to follow the plan she helped set up and I also feel good to make choices even when I go out.  My goal for seeing TheFittChick was the get educated in order to make the best choices for me to be healthy.  I still have weight I want to lose and will continue using the knowledge I have gained and also plan to keep learning more.  Seeing Jillian was a great way to continue my journey to be healthy.  She is there for you anytime, even after you are no longer seeing her on a regular basis.  I would recommend TheFittChick to anyone that I know who wants to lose weight, learn more about a healthy diet or just needs a little help in figuring out what works best for them.  Thank you Jillian for all of your support.
photo 4After 2 kids and common life pressure, I realized i had gained an unhealthy amount of weight!  I became quite upset with my appearance and truly didn’t know how to get back into shape.  I called Jillian and she, as always, got back to me immediately.  She taught me how to eat healthy, make wise choices and was there for me every step of the way.  Her recipes, positive motivation, and her unbelievable weight loss plan is truly a sure thing!  After losing 40 pounds in just over 3 months, Jillian has changed my life, taught me to make good food choices and most importantly, made me a healthier, happier wife and mom!
photo 1I have been exercising regularly for over 4 years and although I got in better physical shape, I was unable to lose weight. I was not happy with my 4 month pregnant look – not a good look for a man! I was introduced to TheFittChick at the beginning of the year. Over the next 3 months Jillian taught and guided me along a path that changed the way I eat. She made herself available for questions and was always there for support. Short story, It resulted in a weight loss of 21 pounds. It was a goal that I had tried to reach for at least four years and finally with Jillian’s help I made it.  Feels good.

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