Tuesday Transformation

Tuesday Transformation

At just 16 years old, Kendall took control of her health and started on a well known weight loss cleanse. She was told that 2 days a week she could not consume food, and to only drink the shakes she had purchased.  The other 5 days she ate a very low calorie diet consisting of healthy food.  Not surprisingly, She quickly lost weight but unfortunately gained it back even quicker (plus a little extra). It took Kendall months of hard work and patience to fix her damaged metabolism, but she stayed strong and let TheFittChick plan work its magic!


Today, Kendall is 8 pounds and 7 ½ inches smaller. Not only did she stay focused with her nutrition, but she has completely changed her body through weight lifting. Kendall learned the hard way that weight loss is not about depriving yourself and living on a liquid diet; its about eating healthy food, consistency, and hard work.


If you are ready to have your own transformation, check out my plans HERE!

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