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If you are spending time in the weight room, chances are you are trying to get lean, toned, and build muscle.  The biggest mistake weight lifters make is spending too much time doing isolation exercises for certain body parts.  Bi-cep curls and tri-cep dips have their purpose, but are not the quickest way to the body you desire. When weight lifters spend too much time doing lots of different workouts for their arms (curls, etc), they are only working small muscle groups and not putting their whole body under enough stress to signal muscle growth.

So what is the secret to remedy this problem?  The answer and absolute best way to raise the levels needed to build muscle is by intense exercise that involves your WHOLE body.  Especially the biggest muscles of your body like legs and back.  If you skip leg day you are skipping getting the biggest metabolic boost you can get.

To help your upper body build muscle, you need to train all the muscle groups in your body.  Building muscle and losing fat will not happen overnight, but with consistency in your diet and exercise routine you will see faster results.  Regular weight training sessions build lean muscle, reduce body fat levels, increases energy, balances blood sugar, and lowers cholesterol.

The bottom is by incorporating legs into your workout, you will see more gains in 6 weeks then most people do in 3 months.  If you are ready to stop fooling around on exercises that are just wasting your time, and see the results you are looking for then DON’T FORGET LEG DAY!  Follow a fat loss nutrition plan paired with an exercise routine designed to build lean muscle and you will start seeing fast results.  Check out my plans at

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