Valentine’s Day Health Tips to Get Motivated and Stay Inspired!

Love it or hate it, Valentine’s Day is only days away and becomes another obstacle in our desire to stick with our New Year’s Intensions! First came the Super Bowl and now less than 2 weeks later is another holiday focused around food. Between the office candy dish, big boxes of chocolates, and romantic dinners, this holiday can easily set you back the 5 pounds you worked so hard to take off!


Of course, this doesn’t mean you should dread Valentine’s Day or deprive yourself of the holiday’s food and fun. It just means being strategic in sticking with a healthy eating plan this week and getting in your weight training and HIIT workouts. Also, being prepared and finding the nutritional info hiding in your favorite goodies! This isn’t your first Valentine’s Day so you are well aware of your favorite seasonal treats. I always look forward to the tiny cinnamon hearts that are only available this month. By pre-planning my treat, I avoid the guilt and enjoy every last bite.


If you are looking for a plan that lets you eat HUGE portions of the foods you love while never feeling deprived, THIS IS IT! TheFittChick program gives you a customized meal program designed only for you, grocery lists, simple recipes, dining out options, and support every minute of every day!  And even encourages you to eat your favorite Valentine’s Day treats! For more info about my program, click HERE!


Check out these Transformations to get inspired, and get prepared to EAT YOURSELF SKINNY!

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