4 Food Swaps That Slash Calories Fast!

Foods Swaps that cut calories

When it comes to weight loss, small changes can mean big results. Trying to make to many changes at once can be overwhelming, while focusing on small simple changes makes healthy eating more manageable over the long term. Try these simple swaps to save calories and lose weight.


INSEAD OF: Fruit at the bottom Greek yogurt

TRY: Greek yogurt with fresh fruit

The typical fruit on the bottom yogurt containers are usually more sugar than fruit, leaving you with a much less healthy breakfast then you were aiming for. Adding your own fruit can save you 60 calories and 13 grams of sugar.


INSTEAD OF: Latte (Skim or low-fat)

DRINK THIS: FittChick Latte

Starting your day with a latte can mean hundreds of empty calories. A FittChick latte made with almond milk (Chicago locals can get one HERE) not only saves you calories, but cuts back on added sugar.  If you are headed to your local coffee spot, try and make the switch to coconut or almond milk.


INSTEAD OF: White Pasta

TRY: Spaghetti Squash

Swapping out pasta for spaghetti squash not only slashes about 200 calories per serving, but also adds a generous amount of fiber, vitamin C, folate, and magnesium to your meal. Not only does this give you added energy, but helps you reach the FittChick recommended 9-12 cups of veggies per day!  Check out THIS great spaghetti squash recipe created by TheFittChick.



TRY: Oatmeal

A half-cup of uncooked old-fashioned oatmeal is just 150 calories and when made with water or almond milk turns into a healthy and filling breakfast. A half-cup of granola clocks in at over 200 calories with a whopping 13 grams of sugar and 15 grams of fat. And a small handful of granola isn’t nearly as filling as a huge bowl of delicious oatmeal. Check out THIS post I wrote that may have you skipping your granola all together!


Don’t overhaul your diet! Make little changes to your daily menu and watch your calorie intake drop, along with your dress size!


Eat Yourself Skinny!

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You can also substitute butter, mayo and cream with natural yogurt which contains way less calories and is healthier. But it’s rather advised to substitute only half of the ingredient with yogurt. You can read more on that here: http://www.listonic.com/protips/get/syeakcsqia
Take care!

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