8 Drinks That Help You Lose Weight!

drinks that boost metabolism

Weight loss can be a long process, especially for those who lack patience and discipline. Unfortunately slow and steady is the best and only way to lose weight and keep it off for good! Sometimes persistence, obedience and sacrifice can play a hand in the weight loss process, but there are little tricks that can help speed up the weight loss game! One such way is with simple drinks that will actually help you lose weight quicker! Try one or all of these 8 fat burning drinks if you are ready to Drink Yourself Skinny!


  1. Black coffee: Ingesting caffeine boosts your metabolism and helps you burn fat. It also is a stimulant that gives you the energy you need to give 100% during your workout, which means you’ll get the results you want much faster! I love keeping Starbuck’s or Trader Joe’s concentrated coffee in my fridge for a refreshing iced coffee any time of day!

  1. Fruit Smoothie: Losing weight doesn’t have to be hard if you keep your energy up. Raising your metabolism not only gives you enough energy to get through the day, but helps burn off fat! Try this fruit smoothie for great energy and a metabolism boost. Put 1 cup unsweetened almond, coconut, or cashew milk, 1 Chobani Vanilla or mixed berry Triple Zero Greek Yogurt, 1 TBSP Lily’s dark chocolate chips, 1 cup fresh or frozen raspberries, and a handful of ice in a blender. Blend until well combined and devour!

  1. Ice Water: Did you know that water is THE best drink for burning fat? And while some diet items can be expensive or hard to find, this one should be available to most people. Adding more water to your diet can help you lose weight in so many different ways! First of all if you drink a glass of water before meals it can fill you up faster and help you eat less. A recent study showed that adults who drank 16 oz of water 30 minutes before eating a meal lost 9 pounds over the course of 12 weeks! There is also a theory that when you drink cold water, your body needs to burn calories in order to heat it up to digest it. Staying hydrated is important when you are trying to trim down. Many of my clients reach for snacks out of boredom or thirst instead of hunger. If you feel hungry, drink a glass of water and see if you are still hungry 30 minutes later. It can be a real calorie saver!


  1. Dark Chocolate Shake: Really? Yes, really. Chocolate—especially dark chocolate—helps you slim you down because it decreases your appetite and lessens food cravings overall. My favorite chocolate shake is 1 scoop Quest protein powder, 1 cup unsweetened chocolate almond milk, 1 TBSP Lily’s dark chocolate chips (or darker chocolate if you like it), 1 TBSP unsweetened cocoa powder, sweetener of choice, 2-3 ice cubes, and dark chocolate syrup. Blend and Enjoy! This is one of my favorite post-workout shakes, but it satisfies my sweet tooth any time of day!

  1. Fresh Vegetable Juice:It is a good trick in the weight loss field to drink a big cup of vegetable juice before eating a meal. Prepare your favorite concoction of vegetable juice to lose weight. Vegetable juice provides a stimulant for weight loss but also supplies the body with important nutrients and dietary fiber. Like drinking water before a meal, drinking vegetable juice could also reduce the total amount of calories you consume at mealtime. Choose a mix of vegetables that you like, blend them with your favorite spices, and drink a big cup before any meal. This is also a great way to increase your vegetable intake!

  1. Green Tea: Besides reducing your risk of cancer and heart disease, green tea contains catechins, antioxidants that studies show can help reduce belly fat. That’s right: Green tea can actually help you lose weight. Green tea stimulates metabolism for weight loss and does not add calories! It can also help prevent cell damage, reduce cholesterol, and prevent a range of heart-related issues. If you’re a tea enthusiast, you should definitely consider buying tea from Teavision Australia for a delightful and flavorful experience.

  1.  Iced Peppermint Tea: This minty thirst quencher is super refreshing, but it’s also a super effective belly flattener. Peppermint tea, which helps your stomach process fat, ensuring even high-fat foods like burgers and steaks are digested quickly, which helps prevent bloating. This is perfect after an unplanned pizza night or trip to the ice cream truck!


  1. Watermelon Smoothie: As long as they’re made without sugary mixers like sherbet, smoothies are a guilt-free way to hydrate—and watermelon is a terrific, low-cal smoothie base. Not only is it a natural hydrator because of its water content, watermelon is also loaded with nutrients, including cancer-fighting lycopene, as well as an amino acid known as arginine. A study in the Journal of Nutrition found that arginine can decrease body fat and increase lean muscle mass, so whip up a smoothie with this metabolism booster and sip away! Who doesn’t love watermelon?

Whether you are trying to shed unwanted pounds or keep your already fit body, you need to burn as many calories as possible. While metabolism boosting drinks are only one part of a complete weight loss strategy, they are an easy way to lose a few pounds for “free.” Let me know if you try any of these fun concoctions! Who doesn’t love to know that YOU CAN Drink Yourself Skinny!


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Thank you so much for the tip on ice water. I’ve been reading a lot about drinking hot or warm water with lemons in the morning for detox and metabolism, and it confused me because a lot of my own experiences seem to suggest that the opposite might work well.

Also, the part about drinking a lot of water before meals is spot on! My friends used to tell me that I was very water heavy:)


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