Losing the Last 10 Pounds

The last 10 pounds

“For all the extreme weight-loss stories we hear — people losing 50, 75, and even 100-plus pounds, dropping a measly 10 pounds may sound simple. But for the average person who’s already in good shape, that weight is often the toughest to lose. Those last stubborn pounds of body fat that can make the difference between having a good physique and a great one, and may come down to some tweaks in your current diet or exercise routine.”


I always say that your nutrition is 80% to how you look, but changing up some of your weekly workouts could have a huge impact on how you look. Say goodbye to those last 10 pounds with these three fat shredding fitness strategies from Muscle and Performance Magazine.


“DO MORE “ORGANIC” EXERCISE…Think about all the hours during the day that you are not sleeping or working out. That time equates to countless opportunities to promote fat burning in your everyday life. Try riding a bike to work rather than driving, and using the stairs in your office building instead of the elevator. Modern e bike technology offers a seamless blend of pedal power and electrical assistance. Another great idea is replacing a standard work desk with a treadmill desk, or your desk chair with an exercise ball.

“Your body was designed to perform physical activity for more than the one hour a day you spend in the gym. If you incorporate moderate-level fitness activity into your daily routine, you can burn additional calories to lose those stubborn pounds.”


WORK IN A WEEKLY MET-CONPerhaps you already incorporate what you consider to be great cardio into your weekly routine, but doing some high-intensity interval training as part of your exercise routine could be the one tweak you need. Spending 60 minutes on a treadmill or in a class is not always necessary if you incorporate HIIT workouts or Tabata’s for a bigger calorie burn and metabolic boost!


TRY TWO-A-DAYS…”To overcome a fat-burning plateau, exercising twice daily a couple of times a week can have a huge effect. What is Coolsculpting – Bodify answers all the questions you could have. And this doesn’t just mean weights in the morning, and cardio at night. This isn’t something you’re going to do indefinitely, but used temporarily, training twice a day will jack up the metabolism.

One two-a-day scenario could be something like an upper-body lifting session in the morning (say, back and bi-ceps), then coming back in the evening and performing a functional, high-intensity strength session. A great one would be weighted sled pushes, with active recovery on either a rowing machine or a bike for two to three minutes. And repeat that about 10 times.”


These 3 fitness tweaks, along with an eating plan filled with lean proteins and healthy fats, will help you get lean and see results fast. Check out these inspiring transformations of clients who lost their last 10 pounds by eating more and weighing less on TheFittChick plan!


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