Does Running Outside Burn More Calories?

When it comes to running (and walking), you have two types of people: those who adore the outdoors and those who love a treadmill no matter how beautiful it is outside. But which is better? Is there really a big difference between the treadmill and the sidewalk? Which offers a higher calorie burn? What are {Read More}

5 Reasons to Add Yoga to Your Workout Routine!

If yoga isn’t a part of your regular gym routine, you don’t know what you’re missing! My personal resolution for 2016 was to get back into yoga, and I am proud to say I am completely hooked and seeing great results! A yoga class could be the missing piece to complete your fitness goals and make {Read More}

Torch Belly Fat With This One Ab Exercise!

One of the greatest exercises to work your abs is actually one of the simplest. The plank is used for building core strength and endurance. Whether it’s a full spare tire or a simple set of love handles, a few unexpected inches around the waist can be whittled away with a combination of diet and {Read More}

Your Post-Halloween HIIT Workout!

Even the most disciplined eaters enjoy the treats on Halloween, and while everything’s good in moderation, sometimes a night of temptation means going a little overboard (no regrets!). Whether you snacked on the candy while trick-or-treating or picked at all the desserts, this workout is the perfect “morning after” routine to get right back on {Read More}

Build Muscle With Resistance Bands!

You hear about them and see people using them in the gym, but are there real benefits to using resistance bands? Everyone from beginners to conditioned athletes can benefit by adding resistance bands to their strength training routines. They can add challenge and variety to any workout program, and they help you look fit and {Read More}

Does Fasted Cardio Really Burn More Fat?

Have you ever tried getting up first thing in the morning and getting in your workout before breakfast? Fasted cardio is becoming increasingly more popular, especially for those that are trying to maximize their fat loss. “Fasted cardio” simply means doing your cardio workout in the morning, on an empty stomach.   The basic idea {Read More}

Burn off Your Valentine’s Day Chocolate with this Killer Workout!

Depending on your willpower during the week leading up to Valentine’s Day and today, it could take weeks to work off the extra calories you consumed in chocolate, candy, and a romantic dinner ending in more dessert. The good news is that working off your indulgence is easier than you think.   Many people don’t {Read More}

20 Minute Total Body Workout!

“Fitt” Friday from TheFittChick™… A TOTAL BODY CIRCUIT WORKOUT Circuit training means you’ll be doing a series of different weight training exercises in a row without stopping. When you circuit train, you get your heart rate quickly while doing the exercises back-to-back without stopping. Circuit training is a great way to combine both aerobics and {Read More}

Paddle Board Your Way to Weight Loss!

Stand Up Paddle Boarding is the fastest-growing water sport. Not only is it a full body workout, but it is a great form of low impact exercise. You engage your core while simultaneously activating the burn in your arms, legs, and back. Surfers call it “some of the best cross training you can do when {Read More}

Mudderella: Why you Should Sign up for a Mud Run Today!

“Move over, Tough Mudder; there’s a new obstacle course event in town and it’s just for the ladies. The brand-new event is an all-women obstacle course and 5- to 7k race that encourages you to challenge yourself and push your limits.”  What an amazing day!  I had no idea what I was in for, but {Read More}

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