Weight Loss Friendly Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough!

Healthy snacks are always  on my mind! Anything to get away from all the artificial flavors and preservatives in the typical supermarket treat! I don’t know about you, but my sweet tooth is constantly nagging at me. I am continually looking for ways to satisfy that craving without it interfering with my weight loss goals. I {Read More}

Yes, You Really Can Make Healthy Doughnuts!

Healthy doughnuts do exist. These baked pumpkin pie donuts are the way to go if you want a guilt-free treat. What could be better on a cool fall day then warm donuts? This low-calorie recipe is perfect for healthy kids, those looking to lose weight, or anyone who is looking for a moist, sweet, dessert {Read More}

Mouth Watering Pumpkin Pie Protein Smoothie

October is here and that means pumpkin, sweet potato, and apple recipes all month long!  This protein filled smoothie was the perfect combination of pumpkin and spice.  If you love pumpkin flavored treats like me, this smoothie will hit the spot! It’s the perfect pre or post workout treat!  I hope you enjoy this one, and many many {Read More}

3 Ingredient Green Smoothie!

Breakfast in under 5 minutes is always a bonus, especially if it is full of 3 servings of your daily greens and over 25 grams of protein. Nourish your body and boost your energy with this nutrient- and antioxidant-packed smoothie that is perfect for anytime of day. Greens, vanilla almond milk, and Quest Nutrition’s Vanilla {Read More}

Get in Your Greens with this Protein Smoothie!

As the weather starts to warm up in Chicago, my taste buds start craving fruit smoothies as a sweet breakfast treat. So many people think adding greens to a smoothie will change the flavor, where it can actually taste exactly the same! Green protein smoothies are an ideal fat burning food as they are nutrient-rich, {Read More}

A Cereal Perfect for Any Diet!

Cereal is one of the ultimate convenience foods that almost everyone loves. It makes the perfect breakfast or sometimes late night snack because it is a quick-fix that’s easy and usually always in your cabinet. Unfortunately, cereal can wreak havoc on the scale for anybody trying to lose or maintain their weight.   We all {Read More}

Get the Skinny on a Healthy Easter Celebration!

Holidays are often the breaking point for people living a healthy lifestyle as they tend to focus on short term pleasures rather than long term goals. And, let’s face it, Easter is a time for yummy chocolate and tons of sugar-y candy.   With my Easter survival guide you can be sure this holiday will be {Read More}

78 Calorie Healthy and Low-Cal Protein Macaroons

I think I hit the jackpot with this recipe last year!  It is definitely one of my favorite recipes I have ever created, and perfect for those following a healthy lifestyle. Not only are these moist, decadent, and satisfying, but they are filled with healthy fats and loaded with protein!  The best part is that {Read More}

Get the Buzz on Bulletproof Coffee!

Bulletproof Coffee has become a social media sensation that people are talking about, trying, and claiming it works wonders. If you have friends who are serious about their Paleo diet, doing CrossFit or living low-carb, chances are, you’ve heard all about their new favorite go-to breakfast called Bulleproof Coffee. But what is this magical concoction and {Read More}

Healthy Family Dinners Ready in Under 20 Minutes

If your busy schedule leaves you feeling like fast food is the only option for dinner, I have some quick and easy ideas for everyone in your family. Spending hours cooking a gourmet feast isn’t necessary when a nutritious and delicious meal can be ready in under 20 minutes.   Dinner doesn’t have to be {Read More}

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