Inspirational Teenage 30 Pound Weight Loss Transformation!

Alex Leva's Transformation

From the first time Alex walked into my office, it was obvious he was excited to change his eating habits, and start his own path to a healthy lifestyle. His constant enthusiasm for life and positive energy helped him see the weekly results he was working towards, while creating new lifelong habits. With a hectic social life and a crazy busy after school schedule, Alex made his health his number one priority. Whether he was in tempting social situations, on family vacations where he had to search out healthy options, or just being tempted by the typical pressures of being a teenager, this 16 year old is an inspiration for anyone ready to make a change!


It’s obvious from looking at Alex’s before and after photo that he has completely transformed his body over the last 9 months. Not only has he lost 15 ½ inches and is down close to 30 pounds, but has created new healthy habits and loving how he feels living a healthy lifestyle. Before he began TheFittChick plan, he thought he was making smart choices and eating healthy foods. With a few simple tweaks to his daily diet, he now has the knowledge to make smart choices in any situation, and maintain his weight loss for life


Not everyone has family to support their journey every step of the way. Alex’s mom, a health and fitness enthusiast, has been an integral part in this inspiring story. Not only has she been his biggest cheerleader encouraging his progress every step of the way, but she went even further by cooking healthy dinners every night, stocking the pantry with healthy FittChick “approved” foods, and helped Alex eat out while sticking to his program.


When Alex decided he was ready to transform, he only had to look within himself for the inspiration and motivation to stay on track. With only 8 weeks till summer, let this transformation motivate you to start your own journey today. If you want to know how Alex did it, check out TheFittChick plan HERE!


Eat Yourself Skinny!


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