Your Post-Halloween HIIT Workout!

Post-Halloween Workout!

Even the most disciplined eaters enjoy the treats on Halloween, and while everything’s good in moderation, sometimes a night of temptation means going a little overboard (no regrets!). Whether you snacked on the candy while trick-or-treating or picked at all the desserts, this workout is the perfect “morning after” routine to get right back on track.


Burn off Halloween indulgences and feel amazing with this calorie blasting HIIT workout! This high intensity sweat session will rev up your metabolism and have you feeling great in no time! Combining repetitions of a high knees and burpees, you’ll feel your whole body burn in all the right places!


For more workouts just like this one, click HERE! What are you doing for your workout this morning?


Live Fitt!…Be Fit!


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