A Cereal Perfect for Any Diet!

Vanilla Coconut Cinnamon Cereal

Cereal is one of the ultimate convenience foods that almost everyone loves. It makes the perfect breakfast or sometimes late night snack because it is a quick-fix that’s easy and usually always in your cabinet. Unfortunately, cereal can wreak havoc on the scale for anybody trying to lose or maintain their weight.


We all know breakfast is known as the most important meal of the day. Because it is the first meal you put in your body before a busy day, you should aim for a choice that gives you energy, and is both nutritious and keeps you full.


Making this home-made fiber-filled cereal is just as simple as opening up a box, without the extra sugar and artificial colorings. I am loving this new recipe, and can feel great about every bite! Let me know what you think!


Homemade Vanilla Coconut Cinnamon Cereal



–       3 TBSP Organic Coconut Flakes

–       ½ bag Emerald Vanilla Almonds, crushed (not paleo-you can use roasted almonds instead)

–       Stevia (optional)

–       Cinnamon (optional)

 Coconut Flakes Vanilla Almonds


  1. Measure out one serving of coconut flakes.

  2. Toast or bake the coconut flakes for a few minutes until lightly browned. (This step is optional. I actually prefer this recipe now without toasting.)

  3. Add the crushed almonds, Stevia, and cinnamon.

  4. Cover in unsweetened vanilla almond milk or your milk of choice.

  5. Watch it disappear!


~ Add raisins, nuts, seeds, or fruit if you desire.



Serving Size: entire recipe (without almond milk)

160 Calories     6g Carbs     14g Fat     3g Protein


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