Build Muscle With Resistance Bands!

Resistance Bands

You hear about them and see people using them in the gym, but are there real benefits to using resistance bands? Everyone from beginners to conditioned athletes can benefit by adding resistance bands to their strength training routines. They can add challenge and variety to any workout program, and they help you look fit and toned for less then 10 bucks!


To consistently see gains from your workouts, and avoid hitting a plateau, it is important that you are always varying your routine! Your body is smart and adaptable, so by doing the same exercise over and over you will no longer be challenged and or see results.


The training possibilities of resistance bands are truly endless. They allow you to move more freely and achieve a greater range of motion, while customizing your workout to your specific goals. For example, when you do a bicep curl using resistance bands, you can make it a harder exercise by standing on the bands and holding a wider stance. Using a heavier band will also give you a more strenuous workout.


With resistance bands, you can say goodbye to boring workouts. Weight machines are limited to the muscle group they work and the direction of the movement. Resistance bands afford you the flexibility of moving in all directions. They can be used to deepen the stretch of just about every muscle in the body. You can get creative with resistance bands and use them to both strengthen and stretch your muscles. Here is a great image with just a few of the hundreds of exercises you can do at home, at the gym, or on your next vacation from!


resistance bands

All in all, resistance bands offer a wide range of benefits. Few workout tools beat the efficiency of the multitasking resistance band, which take up less space in your bag than an iPad. Plus, it works your muscles at a full range of motion, targeting parts that are often missed by free weights. This is one workout tool I use every time I hit the gym, and would definitely recommend adding it to your current fitness routine!


Live Fitt!…Be Fitt!


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