Cali’flour Foods is Making the BEST Cauliflower Pizza Crust Ever!

I admit it, I LOVE pizza! I could eat pizza everyday! Now thanks to Cali’flour foods I can! I am someone who loves making mock “junk food” taste great! I also love HUGE portions of healthy food for very little calories! Well, now I’m set!   Sure, I have spent hours in my kitchen making {Read More}

Freebie Friday! Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides Giveaway!

Are you ready to have better skin, stronger nails, and thicker hair that shines? How about improving your gut health, strengthening your bones, and healing your joints? Well, now you have the chance because I’m partnering with Vital Proteins on this amazing collagen giveaway!   The collagen peptides from Vital Proteins are from grass-fed, pasture-raised cows. {Read More}

Giveaway! Win 4 Bags of Dang Coconut Chips!

I am so #dang excited to give you the chance to win my new favorite snack! Which, by the way, was just given the “cleanest packaged food award” by! This chip has taken coconut to a whole new level! They are crunchy, slightly sweet, and perfect for the ever so needed on-the-go snack!   {Read More}

Win a $50 Gift Card from Michael’s Hot Dogs!

I love “Freebie Friday” and being able to offer my followers a great giveaway. Anyone who is a Chicago local is definitely familiar with Michael’s Hot Dog’s. I am so thrilled they have offered 2 of you the chance to win a gift card big enough to feed your entire family!   Michael’s has built a {Read More}

RXBAR Giveaway and Review!

Who wouldn’t love a product whose tagline is “We let our ingredients do the talking, and No B.S. is listed as one of the ingredients!” I am constantly looking at the nutritional labels of new items at the grocery store to see whether these foods would help my clients reach their goals. While in the ideal world, {Read More}

Quest Protein Powder Giveaway!

Quest Nutrition introduced their own protein powder earlier this year, and it is not surprising AT ALL that it’s as great as all their other products.  This is one protein powder that not only tastes amazing and bakes fantastic, but it actually makes all my healthy recipes EVEN BETTER! I only post about products (called my “Fitt Finds“) I {Read More}

Get the Skinny on Paleo Wraps (product review and giveaway)!

My latest “Fitt Find” has become my current obsession. Julian Bakery’s Paleo Wraps has open the doors to so many new ideas, and has just made every one of my meals better! I look at them every morning and think what new recipe I can create. They are 100% paleo and made completely from coconut in {Read More}

The Perfect Healthy Snack from Enlightened; Review and Giveaway!

I always feel like a kid in a candy store when I find a new health food to just hit the market. This new discovery was even better because they came to me to test out this new FittChick “approved” snack! Enlightened is a company committed to creating foods that are “better-for-you”, and taste delicious at {Read More}

Mint Chocolate Chunk Quest Bar Giveaway!

Quest Nutrition introduced a Mint Chocolate Chunk flavored protein bar this week, and it might just be the best flavor yet! If you have been reading my blog for a while, you know how much I love easy on-the-go snack ideas that are good for everyone in my family. I have raved about Quest Bars for years, and this new {Read More}

The Best Water Bottle for Your Workout!

Who doesn’t love a great water bottle? Sipping water before, during, and post-workout is vital to your performance as well as your overall health! As someone who always advocates for drinking half your body weight in ounces of water per day, my water bottle can make or break my daily goal of one gallon.   {Read More}

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