From Couch Potato to Inspiring Transformation!

Beth's Transformation

It is such a rarity to have a new client walk in my office who has never had to diet, and has always been able to eat anything they want. Usually at some point the weight finally catches up with them, or they are so sick and tired of feeling sick and tired. When my friend Beth asked me to help her overhaul her way of eating, I jumped at the chance to help her start her journey towards a healthy lifestyle!


Not only does Beth suffer from an autoimmune disease, which caused her severe fatigue, she also loved to eat bags of chips, popcorn, cereal, and prepared foods. From day one, Beth jumped in feet first and started cooking for her family, trying new recipes, eating new foods, and stopping her habit of non-stop grazing from 3pm to 9 pm. Since January she has lost 15 pounds, 16 inches, and has never felt better!


Beth said “Over winter break I decided I was finally done with my terrible eating habits. I was setting a bad example for my 3 children, and I was always exhausted. I was spending hours on my couch eating junk food and sleeping the day away. I decided to meet with Jillian to help learn to make healthy choices, while still feeling full after every meal. I LOVE food and I REFUSE to ever feel hungry.


After following TheFittChick plan I have found that I haven’t had this much energy in years, and I can actually wear more than just oversized tunics! Jillian helped me create family-friendly recipes that inspired my husband and children to jump on board and try new foods as well. I don’t miss my bags of chips or popcorn one bit, and the biggest bonus is that I haven’t been this size since before having kids!”

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Let Beth’s story motivate you to start your own weight loss transformation today! She is such an inspiration to everyone around her. Her own mother still can’t believe how disciplined she has been, and how changing her diet has truly given her endless energy. Beth is someone I can be proud of as a client, but I am even more proud to call her my friend!


Are you ready to Eat Yourself Skinny?


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