Get in Your Greens with this Protein Smoothie!

green smoothie

As the weather starts to warm up in Chicago, my taste buds start craving fruit smoothies as a sweet breakfast treat. So many people think adding greens to a smoothie will change the flavor, where it can actually taste exactly the same! Green protein smoothies are an ideal fat burning food as they are nutrient-rich, loaded with fiber and can be high in protein.


I am a huge lover of adding greens to my shakes as a natural energy booster, a natural weight loss aid, a boost to your immune system, and is packed with tons of antioxidants. And even better, it is hands down the BEST FAST FOOD you can put in your body.


The key to making a great green smoothie is to start with your favorite protein shake recipe and add in a handful of spinach. With every new shake, add a little extra greens until you find your perfect amount. This chart from simplegreensmoothies is a great way to get started. Most people, especially children, don’t get enough veggies in their everyday diet. Try adding this super food filled meal to your breakfast routine. You will feel results before you even see them! Happy blending!

green smoothie chart

Eat Yourself Skinny!


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