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Jess's Tuesday Transformation

This highly motivating testimonial is proof of the significant impact TheFittChick program can have on the lives of so many clients. With honesty and emotion, this client (like so many others) has shared her story to inspire you to start your journey today!


In here own words…


“This past February I went to my doctor to find out why I was so tired and cold all the time. We ran some tests and the doctor decided that my diet was just not working for my body. I have two young children and I run my own practice two days a week. I am constantly on the go. I work out 6 days a week and I really try to watch everything that I eat. I just wasn’t getting the proper nutrition I needed to stay full and keep my iron up. My doctor suggested I see a nutritionist to help find a way that I could get three meals and two snacks in with my hectic schedule.  At this point, my main meal was dinner. By the time 530 came around, I was stuffing my face with anything that I thought was healthy! I realized I had to figure out a way to get on a better system. I decided that if I was going to do this, that it wouldn’t hurt to lose an extra 10lbs and get down to a weight I have never been. I am the type of person who would absolutely follow a plan and be 100% committed. Once I set my mind to something, I do it!


I heard about Jillian from a mutual friend who lost 50lbs and decided to give her a shot. At first, it was not easy going from 2 meals a day (dinner being my biggest) to 5 meals a day! I had no idea how I would get it all in with my schedule. Jillian and I came up with the best meals to fit my lifestyle. Easy meals that were portable and didn’t take a ton of time to create. The best part was that I could also have desert once a week and still keep the weight off!


It is is now October,  and I have lost 15lbs! I went from a size 8/10 to a size 4/6! I feel healthy and strong. I am no longer so tired or cold! I don’t remember ever being this little, but I love it! It wasn’t just about the weight, it was about feeling like I can function without crashing by 4pm every day. It also feels good not to be shivering anymore!


I can’t thank Jillian enough for her help!”


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