Moving Day! Announcing My New Location!

“Sometimes Good Things Fall Apart So That GREAT Things Can Fall Together”   With the new year comes some exciting changes for TheFittChick​! I am so excited to finally announce that I am teaming up and moving in with the F.I.T. Boutique!   F.I.T. Boutique is a personal training studio in downtown Deerfield! Their balanced {Read More}

A Weight Loss Transformation That Will Inspire Anyone!

I could not be more excited to reveal my first “Tuesday Transformation” of 2018. The first step to losing weight is deciding you want to make a change and get motivated to accomplish your goals. In the last two years Abby has been able to shed almost 50 pounds and more then 30 inches. She had a big goal, {Read More}

Inspiring Quotes from Successful Clients!

I can’t say I don’t love these touching and highly motivating shout outs from current and previous clients! It is just proof of the significant impact TheFittChick program has had on the lives of so many people. The following clients have shared touching and sometimes humorous stories, and a recurring theme in each testimonial is “You changed my {Read More}

How many calories did I burn mountain climbing?

Wow!  This workout was a total killer!  My aunt is a powerhouse when it comes to exercise (and yes she is 55 and didn’t even get winded during out 80 minute excursion) so it was no surprise that she loves hiking. This wasn’t just any hike though.  We hiked straight up the mountain.  The most {Read More}

Happy 1st Day of Spring!

RUN OUTSIDE FOR A BIGGER CALORIE BURN! Did you know that you run 27% slower on a treadmill then you do outside? The reason being that a stationary background makes you think you’re moving faster than you really are. With warm weather coming its time to get outside to run faster, rev up your metabolism, {Read More}

Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day by Breaking a Sweat!

This 30 minute fat-blasting treadmill workout will easily work off any green bagels or corned beef you decide to indulge in today! Enjoy the day without gaining a pound! Live Fitt! Be Fitt!

Tuesday Transformation!

“FITT” FAMILY OF MONTH! Check out this family that completely transformed their habits and their bodies over the last 6 weeks. Both mom and dad are extremely active, but they lacked the knowledge of healthy eating to be good role models for their teenage children. In only 6 short weeks Mandy (mom) lost 7 ¼” {Read More}

Why You Should Wear a Heart Rate Monitor!

Wouldn’t you like to know how effective your workouts actually are? Anyone can estimate how many calories they are burning during their cardio classes, but over-estimating happens way to often. Heart Rate Monitors accurately show how many calories you are burning based on height, weight, and heart rate, so the number on the screen offers {Read More}

Monday Motivation!


Monday Motivation!


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