Tuesday Testimonial…

For the past year Judy has made eating healthy and working out a priority in her life. She has been dedicated to her fitness routine and nutrition plan. She is such an inspiration to those following her journey, and she continues to motivate others with her continued determination. In the past year she has lost almost 70 pounds, about 10 pant sizes, and over 50 inches!

In her own words…

“In the fall of last year I turned 40 and made a decision to start getting healthy. I first started by focusing on working out 2-3 days per week. I didn’t change anything about my diet, didn’t track food, just worked out. I realized I would need to tackle one behavior at a time to change my bad habits. At the end of December I started to think that it may be time to take the next step and focus on my eating habits. So right around New Year’s Day I signed up to have 12 weeks of meetings with TheFittChick. I didn’t have a goal weight in mind at all; I wanted to focus on getting healthy and not just a number. I was concerned if I didn’t hit the number I would become discouraged and give up. Jillian understood my thinking, but decided to put a number down to aspire to. It wasn’t anything set in stone, but more for her paperwork. Also, I am a pretty picky eater and Jillian worked with that and encouraged me to try new things but to eat the foods I enjoy. I started on TheFittChick plan and that first week lost almost 5 pounds. The weight continued to come off. There was a week or two where I maintained; but with Jillian’s support I kept going. At first I was overwhelmed with preparing meals and what to make. Jillian gave me great suggestions and I looked at the meals I already made then adjusted them accordingly. After meeting with Jillian for 12 weeks I was down over 35 pounds and lost more than 19 inches. We no longer have scheduled meetings but have checked in with each other occasionally. She remembered I was going on vacation and wanted to see how I did. Recently when I passed that goal weight she wrote down at our first meeting, she was the first person I contacted to give the news. She was thrilled for me. I continue to follow the plan she helped set up and I also feel good to make choices even when I go out. My goal for seeing TheFittChick was the get educated in order to make the best choices for me to be healthy. I still have weight I want to lose and will continue using the knowledge I have gained and also plan to keep learning more. Seeing Jillian was a great way to continue my journey to be healthy. She is there for you anytime, even after you are no longer seeing her on a regular basis. I would recommend TheFittChick to anyone that I know who wants to lose weight, learn more about a healthy diet or just needs a little help in figuring out what works best for them. Thank you Jillian for all of your support.”

Let Judy inspire you this holiday season. Instead of gaining the average 7 pounds between Thanksgiving and New Years, try challenging yourself to lose seven pounds.

Because a year from now, you will have wished you started today!

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