Eating Protein Post-Workout DOES NOT Build Bulky Muscles!


“Studies show that 53% of people think eating protein post-workout builds bulk. This couldn’t be further from the truth, and is definitely a myth that needs to be squashed! Protein actually helps repair muscle after exercise, and can spark fat loss for those who get it in within an hour of their workout. I always encourage my clients to get in about 20-30 grams of protein after any exercise.


Your post workout meal is actually the one meal that plays the largest role in supplying your body with everything it will need to repair, replenish, recover and adapt. Specifically, it can help your body lose fat, build muscle, increase strength, improve performance, and add to your overall health.


It has been shown time and time again that high protein diets tend to work for three main reasons. First, protein is dense so it keeps the body feel fuller for longer periods of time after eating. Protein also keeps blood sugar stable to starve off the crashes associated with cravings and hunger pangs. And HERE’S A BONUS, the body works harder to digest protein so it burns more calories! If you want to know how much protein you need to build muscle, check out THIS great article from Muscle For Life.


TheFittChick program can be designed to work around any clients likes and/or needs, but I always try and encourage a diet filled with meals high in lean protein. If you are looking to lose weight where you can EAT MORE & WEIGH LESS, TheFittChick plan is it!


Eat Yourself Skinny!


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