Beat the Odds and Stick With Your 2017 New Years Resolutions!

Are You Sticking With Your New Years Resolutions?

January means that annual excitement is in the air, when you start thinking about fresh starts, turning over a new leaf and kicking off a few New Year’s resolution. Motivation is a great feeling that can put you on the right path for life-long success.   Unfortunately, as of this week, the last traces of willpower are {Read More}

The Best Weight Loss Program for 2017!

New Years 2017

“THE BEST PROJECT YOU WILL EVER WORK ON IS YOU!”   With the start of the new year, perhaps you’ve begun thinking about your resolutions for 2017!   Let TheFittChick plan get you in the best shape of your life! Did you know that every client creates their own customized plan including all their favorite foods? You {Read More}

Get Started on a Healthy 2017 NOW!

motivational quote 2

Can you believe that in just eight short weeks the holidays will already be here? It’s hard to imagine winter vacation is a short 2 months away, which means New Year Resolutions are already in the works. Now is the time to get in gear and get ahead of weight loss resolutions. Since many of you have asked {Read More}

3 Tips to Lose Summer Weight Gain FAST!

Summer Weight Gain

Did you indulge a little too much throughout the Summer holidays? Don’t worry – I think we all did! From Memorial Day to Labor Day, every BBQ, Festival, and Wedding can take its toll on all your good intentions. Extra fruity cocktails at happy hour or extra servings of chips and desserts may have thrown {Read More}

Win a Giveaway from ProTings Protein Chips!

ProTings Giveaway!

I LOVE finding new health foods for my clients and followers, and this new gem is one I am OBSESSED with! I almost can not keep them in my house! ProTings zesty nacho flavor seriously taste like Doritos. Last week I bought the family size bag and my hubby and I ate the entire thing! Whoops! {Read More}

An Inspirational Weight-Loss Success Story!

Betsy's Transformation

This is one “Tuesday Transformation” I have been so excited to share! In just 6 months Betsy has been able to shed 16 pounds and 13 inches! Using my InBody body composition machine we were able to see that she also was also able to get rid of 6% of her body fat without losing one ounce of muscle or water. She is an {Read More}

The ONLY Weight Loss Program You Need This Summer!

monday motivation

YOU’VE GOT WHAT IT TAKES, BUT IT WILL TAKE EVERYTHING YOU’VE GOT!   Monday is a great day to press the reset button! I woke up today after a long weekend away thinking we are already more than half way through 2016! It is amazing the number of people who make weight loss New Year’s resolutions; somewhere between {Read More}

How Fish Oil Helped My Client Lose 61 Pounds!

Shari Viner

I couldn’t be more thrilled to show off my client Shari, and her featured article in Woman’s World Magazine! She has lost an inspirational 61 pounds, and managed to keep it off for the past 3 years! Check out the entire article here…   Losing weight is no easy task, but maintaining a your loss often {Read More}

8 Drinks That Help You Lose Weight!

drinks that boost metabolism

Weight loss can be a long process, especially for those who lack patience and discipline. Unfortunately slow and steady is the best and only way to lose weight and keep it off for good! Sometimes persistence, obedience and sacrifice can play a hand in the weight loss process, but there are little tricks that can {Read More}

How to Keep Your Kids From Gaining Weight This Summer!

kids summer weight gain

Your memories of summertime likely involve playing outside with friends or riding bikes to the pool. But with concerns about safety and many parents working outside the home, more and more children are spending their summers inside. That shift can mean extra hours in front of the television or computer with frequent raids to the {Read More}

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