A Family of 5 Transforms With TheFittChick Plan!

Michelle Kohl's Testimonial

By teaching your children healthy eating habits, and modeling those behaviors in yourself, you can help your children maintain a healthy weight and normal growth. Also, the eating habits your children pick up when they are young will help them maintain a healthy lifestyle when they are adults. That was exactly Michelle’s goal when she came to see me on day one. Check out her successful journey and testimony here…


“I stared working with Jillian in January 2015 because I wanted to improve my health and diet, as well as the quality of the meals and snacks I was providing for my husband and three children.  I was eating way too much sugar, I was tired all of the time, and I wasn’t able to effectively plan ahead to provide healthy meals or snacks for my family.


Jillian and I spent the first few weeks building a meal plan that would work for all five of us.  She educated me on when to eat certain foods, and she helped me with recipes, grocery lists, and menus.  I immediately started to feel better on TheFittChick plan!  My husband and my kids responded very well also.  They quickly started learning about the importance of proteins, carbs, and fats, and they even started asking me what protein they were having at each meal!  We have actually had fun with this process!  I now feel so much better about my ability to plan healthy meals and choose healthy choices every day for my entire family.


After three months of working with Jillian, I lost 7 pounds and 9 inches!  I was never even concerned about the weight, but rather I wanted to start eating clean food and providing healthy meals for my family.  We accomplished all of those goals and I have never felt better in my entire life!  My kids are eating healthier meals, I am able to effectively plan our meals for the week, and we have all received such a wonderful education about health and nutrition. Working with Jillian for the past three months was one of the best decisions I have ever made.  I am so grateful for her education and her ability to help the five of us become a “Fitt” Family!”


If you know anyone looking to help their family live a healthy lifestyle or are ready to start on their own weight loss journey, check out my plans HERE! And more for inspiring testimonials, click HERE!


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