Tuesday Transformation!


Check out this family that completely transformed their habits and their bodies over the last 6 weeks. Both mom and dad are extremely active, but they lacked the knowledge of healthy eating to be good role models for their teenage children.

In only 6 short weeks Mandy (mom) lost 7 ¼” and 12 pounds. Brian (dad) lost 10 pounds and saw huge strength results in his weigh lifting. Both kids learned new eating habits that have now become a part of their daily routine.

With Southern roots, cooking and eating healthy was definitely not part of this families day to day life. Even more surprising was that dinners rarely contained any vegetables! With a customized meal plan, grocery lists, and easy recipes, this active foursome transformed into the healthy family they were meant to be.

If you or anyone in your family is ready to transform, check out my plans HERE!

~Eat Yourself Skinny~

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