TheFittChick Tip of the Day…

I have been telling my friends and family this forever! Now The Food Babe gets the skinny on what your really getting when your go-to sushi order includes a California roll. She says…

“Eliminate Imitation Crab – This is the typical “fish” found in the California roll and many other rolls. This stick of processed crap is really comprised of minced fish meat from several different fishes left over in some factory somewhere, dosed with fillers of egg whites, gluten, artificial colors, sorbitol, and a bunch of other ingredients like hydrolyzed soy protein and disodium inosinate – forms of MSG, which are excitotoxins that are horrible chemicals that wreak havoc on the human bodies.”

Next time your at your favorite sushi restaurant, make sure your ordering rolls or pieces made with REAL crab meat!

Live Fitt!…Be Fitt!

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