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Sushi Dokku is one of my favorite go-to sushi spots in Chicago. This trendy restaurant is right on Randolph and will make anything you ask for!

I love the tuna with organic micro greens. I always add in fresh jalapeno and avocado for a filling and healthy dinner. I had 3 maki rolls all for under 300 calories and 36 grams of protein.

Make the most of your meals by picking low calorie, high protein options. Before you know it you will be eating more and weighing less!

Eat yourself Skinny!

***Did you know???
Food Babe says “Sushi rice is typically short grain rice that is polished white, cooked and then mixed with rice wine vinegar. When you add vinegar to the rice, this decreases its glycemic index, thus reducing the surge in blood sugar you normally would have if you ate rice alone. Ah ha! This is how the Japanese get away with eating white rice! Ancient Japanese secret unveiled! But does that mean you go crazy with the rice? No….” Skip the rice and load up on veggies!!!***

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